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Technical care

technische ontzorging
As an independent specialist in measuring and controlling various types of fluid and gas flows, aim fluid control focuses on the professional market; OEM, trading companies and end users.

Solving your problems is at all times our main goal. This concerns more than the focus on applications, processes and products only. Due to our multiple branding policy, you have a wide choice of products and price categories. Combined with our technical know-how and our can do mentality we can deliver you in many cases a customized solution, if not in all cases.

Technical support
We believe that it is not just about solving your problem but also to prevent the problems in advance. We also have thorough knowledge about certifications such as; FDA, Atex, UL, PTB, BAM, KIWA et al.

Technical solutions

Our solutions range from standard products, repurchase purchases, to engineering projects that require
far-reaching technical knowledge regarding our extensive product range.

- Valves,
- Solenoid valves,
- Pneumatic valves,
- Actuators,
- Appendages,
- Vacuum pumps,
- Compressors,
- Fittings and accessories

Technical solutions
Our technical solutions for flow & fluid-Processes consist of the above product categories, assembly of systems, product modifications, product development, engineering, project delivery and from customization to advice and execution of complete (and complex) engineering issues.

Project engineering / Cabinets

Engineering and assembly for your projects are also possible. This happens in our own workshop by well trained and experienced staff.

Complete controls as desired
There are also various collaborations with mechanical engineering installers and cabinets. Through these contacts we can provide complete controls and / or applications to your liking.

Machine optimization
We often carry out machine optimizations. In particular, the earlier we are involved, the more efficient we can work and more savings can be realized.

Fieldbus control
We also provide multilayer or fieldbus terminals for the automation of solenoid valves for general applications and pneumatic components. Fieldbus control is achieved, inter alia, by means of the following protocols; Multipole, profibus, interbus, devicenet, modbus and asi.

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