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Taking care - Idea |Solution | Implementation

Technical & Logistical Care
Based on the values Man, Customization & Technology our core-business is taking care of your flow-and fluid technology.
If technology is our second nature, perhaps our first one is taking care of business. We call it taking care of because we provide both technical, logistical and cost-effective solutions to ensure continuity of your flow & fluid process.

Advice |  Assistence in work & deed
From advice on complex issues to easy ordering (repeat) orders through our webshop, depending on your need, you can use us as a supplier of components, assembler, product specialist, process specialist, technical consultant, engineer, product developer, project supervisor or overall provider.

The right solutions
Solving your problems is at all times our main goal. This concerns more than the focus on applications, processes and products only. Due to our multiple branding policy, you have a wide choice of products and price categories. Combined with our technical know-how and our can do mentality we can deliver you in many cases a customized solution, if not in all cases.

Technical care

aim fluid control technical care

As an independent specialist in measuring and controlling various types of fluid and gas flows, aim fluid control focuses on the professional market; OEM, trading companies and end users.

Guarantee the continuity of your production
For management, engineers, purchasers and industry operators, we provide knowledge, expertise and equipment to improve performance, efficiency and effectiveness of your flow & fluid process, to ensure the continuity of your production.

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Logistics care

aim fluid control logistics care

The service-oriented mentality of aim fluid control and its employees is the foundation for being able to take care of your logistics. It is our pleasure to take a step extra to deliver your order carefully and on time.

Guarantee your logistics
Due to stock management and the fast & flexible way of working, you save time, space and work. But above all, you do not have to worry (anymore) and have ensured the logistics part of your flow and fluid process.

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Webshop aimparts

aim fluid control webshop aimparts

Detailed product information can be found on our information database/webshops. Simply search with a serial number or fill in the search options and you will get your desired information.

Order easily
Log on and order easily via our webshop.
Make a quote, save your (repeat) order or create your own project.


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