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Z-Tide Elite-Line

It has been more than 20 years that Elite Line Industrial Corporation. engaging in various types of valve production.In the pass, the company's business is concentrated to the association with foreign famous producers and RD. In the initial of 1991,specific machines and digital CNC processing were introduced, which have enabled us to obtain precise quality control and established well the foundation for precise valve manufacturing. 

By means of accumulated experience for years from valve production on site, we keep on cultivating talents to achieve better performance and design new and proper valves to meet the industrial demand.It is our expectation that industries may purchase the most excellent products by most economic prics. At moment our products have been acknowledged and patented under new models world wide.

Multi-function auto-control valve

One body, more functions. The mounted function controller determines the function of the complete valve. For instance pressure reducing, pressure relief, pressure sustaining, solenoid operated or float valve without technical conversion of the main body.

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Pressure reducing valve

Pressure reducing valve A Pressure reducing valve can prevent pipeline breakage due to high pressure

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Pressure relief valve

This pressure relief valve is installed on the outlet pipe of water supply pipeline.

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Pressure sustaining valve

A pressure sustaining valve matches up with the minimum working pressure inside the tap water pipe, balancing up-stream and down-stream pressure

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Float valve

A float valve uses a sub-valve (floating ball switch) to control the main valve.

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Direct-activated pressure reducing valve

A direct-activated pressure reducing valve directly opens and closes by the outlet pressure. When outlet pressure is under setting pressure, valve gate automatically opens.

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Diaphragm type water hammer arrester

A sudden stop of a fluid flowing in a pipe results in a change of kinetic energy into elastic resilience.

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Water piping illustration

A illustration of piping

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