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Wago is one of the most prominent and innovative vendors and developers of I / O systems and PLCs for the control of various automation processes. Because of the extensive package of the products are applied in many places.

Wago I/O

aim fluid control for total control of your equipment.

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How is this achieved?

Quality is provided through long years of experience in this particular market combined with proven high-grade engineering.

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When applicable?

Wago I / O systems may be used for the remote control and read-out of valves. We will advise you of the possibilities

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Easy assembly, clear, stand-alone and visualization of the process are some advantages of the Wago I / O System

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Programming software

With very user-friendly software Wago one can easily provide a total solution

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The added value of aim fluid control

aim fluid control wants you as a customer a total package in your projects and process improvement.

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Global application WAGO

aim fluid control advises you Wago due to the global application possibilities. Wago has a variety of certificates and approvals worldwide

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