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Pro-Air Mizer Compressed Air Savings

Pro-Air Mizer of proportionair has been developed in order to save substantially compressed air. The Pro-Air Mizer of Proportionair you can achieve cost savings in your existing compressed air system

Control Air Pressure with Pro-Air Mizer

The purpose of compressing air is to get the compressed air in such a condition that it can be used for production.

Pro-Air Mizer to regulate the pressure

Simple to use
Easy to install
no Maintenance

Control Air Pressure with Pro-Air Mizer

Compressor equipped with ProAir Mizer of Proportionair

Traditional Storage and Release for Industrial Air Compression

Typically compressed air goes to a header, or storage tank where it builds up pressure (capacitance) to distribute as needed. The build-up is necessary so the compressor doesn’t have to work constantly. Without the extra storage, it would be impossible to keep up with demand.

When compressed air is used, the pressure drops. There may be hundreds of drops during the day, and when there’s especially heavy usage it can drain the system. This causes the compressor to work harder, and often the next user won’t have enough air pressure.

To combat the inconsistency and inefficiency of this system, some users cascade multiple compressors of different sizes. This allows different capacities for producing air. The hope is that by cascading, the tanks will work together, but sometimes they fight each other. While helpful in some situations, cascading is not a cure-all for the problem of inconsistent pressure.

Traditional Storage and Release for Industrial Air Compression

Example Proportion-Air Air Mizer consisting of QB2 and Volume Booster R with Control Box

Cost Savings

The product allows a factory to set air header pressure to what is actually needed rather than allowing pressure from the air reservoir directly into the pipe. This stabilized pressure in the header, reduces the amount of air lost to leaks and with proper cascading of the compressor you can save money.

Is Your Compressor

Proportion-Air QB2 with volume booster R

Costing You

Compressor costing you money!


Pro-Air Mizer of ProportionAir


Pressure drop, inconsistent supply, excessive compressor operation

  • Long term compressor cost is electricity
  • Every 10 psig increase in pressure (generally) requires about 5% more power to produce
  • Plant & header pressure can experience a 15 psig swing
  • Compressors ofen struggle to maintain a bufer in reservoir


Pro-Air Mizer air pressure regulator

  • Header pressure maintains a bufer and remains stable and consistent, providing optmal capacitance
    Average amp draw is greatly decreased
  • When plant pressure is set at 85 psig (example pressure), the Pro-Air Mizer manages and delivers 85 psig to all drops with virtually zero variance
  • Artficial demad is eliminated and capacity is stored as reserve energy
  • Thousands of dollars less than the competton and just as accurate
  • Very simple to install

A Better Compressed Air Technology

A Better Compressed Air Technology

Proportion-Air uses familiar technology to design a pressure regulator that more efficiently controls the pressure of air from a compressor. Flow is based on demand of the system. The Pro-Air Mizer maintains header pressure at the setting commanded regardless of demands of users downstream. It will maintain header pressure within +/- 0.2% of its maximum calibrated range. This device delivers pressure downstream more consistently and maintains a higher capacitance in the pressure tank – thereby providing a more consistent buffer.

If you want 85 psi – you command the Pro-Air Mizer to push out 85 psi. This ensures that header pressure stays at 85 and the users downstream only get the amount of air they really need. By giving them only what is required to work, the storage tank stays full longer and the compressors have to work less. Also, because of this precision, the processes that use the air from the header are going to be much more repeatable.

The Pro-Air Mizer allows you to monitor pressure in the header at all times with a visual display. A signal for a remote display is also available.

New Installation or Retro Fit

It doesn’t matter whether you have new or existing equipment. Once installed, our device acts as a buffer between the tank and the factory – only allowing enough pressure through the unit to meet factory demand.

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