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Nitto and Charles Austen Blowers

Air Blowers

20 april 2015

Nitto and Charles Austen Blowers

aim fluid control introduces aeration pumps for iba and koi ponds. The linear piston pumps Nito Kohki are built in waterproof, weatherproof plastic enclosures. Very reliable, powerful yet quiet blowers for oxygenation in koi ponds and farmed fish ponds. Also ideal oxygen source for small individual sewage treatment plants (IBA). The unique free piston principle guarantees a continuous supply of oxygen. Available from 28 l/min. up to 200 l/min. Charles Austen diaphragm pumps are available from 30 l/min. up to 250 l/min.

Nitto Air Blower

KAWAKE Side Channel Blowers

KAWAKE Side Channel Blowers

aim levert een uitgebreid pakket zijkanaalventilatoren. De range begint bij 0,2 kW en eindigt bij 22 kW. Alle zijkanaal blowers worden gemaakt van giet aluminium, waarmee een hoge kwaliteit gegarandeerd.

aim dilevers a copmprehensive package of sid channel blowers. The range starts at 0.2 kW and ends at 22 kW. All side channel blowers are made of cast aluminum, which guarantees high quality. Kawake oil-free side channel blowers. characteristic of the side channel blowers, the simplicity of the construction, reliable operation and minimum maintenance. The pump is not lubricated and is absolutely free of oil creates a pressure difference (positive or negative pressure).

Features KAWAKE blowers:

  • Suitable for (alternating) vacuum and compression
  • Compact, space-saving configuration
  • Pressure differences from 0 to 700 mbar
  • Low maintenance
  • Stable and vibration free
  • Easy installation
  • Very low noise
  • Horizontal and vertical use
  • Oil-free compressed therefore no pollution of the medium

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