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J+J One Actuator All Voltages | Multivoltage J3C S20 S35 S55 S85

10 januari 2017

J3C S20 / S85 Serie

J3C S is the new concept of the ¼ turn multivoltage electric actuators from J+J, this third generation of J+J electric actuators includes 4 models with torque of 20, 35, 55 and 85 Nm. The big difference is that the voltage range is increased, now you can choose one type of actuator for 24-240V AC / DC where previously  you needed two models 12 24 AC / DC or 85-240V AC / DC.

Some Advantages:

  • Working angle free adjustable between 90° en 270°.
  • ETL ((Electrical torque limiter).
  • AVS (Automatic voltage recognition)
  • ATC (Automatich temperature control to avoid condensation).
    MO (Manual override).
  • VFC (2 integrated potential free microswitches for feedback).Free adjustable end contacts, this allowsseveral working angles.).
  • VCO (A continues lighting 2-Color LED indicatesnormal operation of the actuator).
  • PES (Protected electrical supply, the J3 accepts thesame wiring connection for either AC or DC operation).
  • Ombouw van 24-240Volt naar alleen 12Volt is mogelijk door het vervangen van de geïnstalleerde voeding PCB door de voeding uit de 12 VAC/VDC PCB power supply kit.

Voltage range 24 Volt up to 240 Volt DC/AC 50-60Hz

Multiivoltage Elektrische Actuator J+J

What was usual

So you used to need two different J + J electric actuators for different voltages,

That time is……. ask our sales team for more technical information and availability.

Lifetime Improvement

Beyond the benefits that you need one actuator for all voltages between 24 and 240 Volts  DC / AC 50-60Hz also the life time sigificantly improved by applying a closed carbon brush motor.

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