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The Hafner Valve Automation Catalog 2015 |Competence in Valve Automation 2015 

25 juni 2015

The Hafner Valve Automation Catalog 2015 is out!

The Valve Automation Catalog 2015 from Hafner is available, the producer that is represented by aim fluid control in the Benelux.

aim fluid control professionals in Valve Automation

In this Valve Automation catalog a hold of all possible pneumatics valves, solenoid valves, Namur valves and mechanically actuated valves for Valve Automation

New extensive program intoxication steel

With us you can go when it comes to Valve Automation

2015 !

Everything for Valve Automation

Hafner Valve Automation

Specifically aimed at Namur valves in aluminum and stainless steel. Cold aplications to EX aplications

Actuator Accessoires

Here, above and below an example of actuator accessories

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