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CKD Dial Air Pressure Regulators

Unique regulator of CKD

21 oktober 2014

CKD Dial Air Pressure Regulators

This unique pressure regulators of CKD are fast controllers, where one can arrange in a snap of 0-10 bar and can also bleed quickly. Ideal in applications where the working pressure must often be re-established. For example, when testing for functionality and leakage of cylinders

Features are:

The compact dimensions, with varying air decreases. The large flow capacity, high discharge and stability. Available from 1/4" - 2". Even in low pressure version of 0-2.5 bar and remote control.

Dial Air Pressure Regulators

Dial Fast Air Pressure Regulators


  • For applications in which the working pressure must often be re-set
  • By the absence of the conventional compression spring, the system measures are compact
  • Flow capacity up to 40 Nm3/min
  • Stability at varying air decreases
  • Controllers available in 1/4" to 2"
  • Control range 0-11 Bar
  • Low pressure version up to 2.5 Bar
  • The remote control system is available in combination with electronic Proportion Air Pressure Regulator

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