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VESTA  |  Pneumatic valves and cylinders

Vesta is a pneumatic manufacturer from Italy. Vesta distinguishes itself by combining technical knowledge and quality. Both the skills of their staff and the application of innovative tools, those key elements are their success. Producing high-performance products can only lead to success if the best materials are used and the operations being carried out with the highest possible precision. To ensure this high quality is all 100% tested.

Vesta Automation is an Italian company, founded in Rovigo in 1984, specialized in components for industrial automation. The Vesta product range includes pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, single and multi-battery connectors, air treatment units, and linear guide systems. Our primary objective is and always will be to offer our customers the best solutions. 100% of the production is made in Italy: from design to production, all the products are created entirely in Italy. Using high quality materials and high precision machines, Vesta offers from ad-hoc solutions to a full range of standard products, satisfying both the European and non-European market. Giving voice to different needs is our main goal, always striving to find the right solution for each customer. In this year, 2014, we celebrate the 30h anniversary of Vesta in the market: 30 years o history, experience, training and improvements.

The partnership between Vesta and Aim Fluid Control began in 2002, with the need to provide some special products for food industry plants.
During the following years this relationship has become solid and lasting, because it is based on stable principles and good shared market decisions. Starting from special products Aim Fluid Control step by step added also the standard ones, and the two companies are today in good growing and profitable relationship.
Answering and actively reacting to customers needs it’s for Vesta a value added to its products. We strongly believe in creating solid relationships with customers. To us, it is the best method of building partnerships that will last with fidelity over time.

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