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You're looking for the best solution to control electronic pressure with high reliability. Proportionair, Proportion Air from the United States provides that opportunity. Proportional control to the last detail. Proportionair also produces pneumatic pressure and flow control valves

Pressure Regulators QB

  • QB3H single loop pressure regulator
  • QB4 single loop pressure regulator
  • QL3 single loop pressure regulator with booster
  • QPV1 single loop pressure regulator
  • QPV2 double loop pressure regulator

Flow Controls FQ

  • FQB2 closed loop flow control
  • FQB3 closed loop flow control
  • FQPV2 closed loop flow control

Pressure Regulators MM

  • MM1 single loop pressure regulator
  • MM1 single loop pressure regulator
  • MM2 double loop pressure regulator

Pressure Regulators BB

  • BB1 single loop pressure regulator
  • BB2 double loop pressure regulator

Pressure Regulators MPV

  • MPV1 single loop pressure regulator
  • MPV2 double loop pressure regulator

Volume-Boosters RB

  • RB volume-booster
  • RB volume-booster

Pressure Regulators RG

  • RG2712 pressure regulator
  • RG2713 pressure regulator

Pressure regulators Intrinsically safe ISQB1

  • ISQB1 pressure regulator

High pressure regulators

  • GP2 double loop pressure regulator

External Pressure Sensors

  • DS pressure sensor
  • DST pressure sensor
  • WT pressure sensor

 Flow Regulators

  • FCV flow regulator

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