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J+J | Automation |  Smart Electric Valve Actuators: Failsafe, On-off, Modulating, On-off modulating

Electric valve actuators work by converting electrical energy into mechanical rotary torque by controlling a motor to run in one direction to open a valve, then reversing the motor to run in the opposite direction to close the valve. A reversible electric actuator primarily consists of an electric motor, electronic motor controls and a planetary mechanical gearbox.

These smart electronic valve actuators have evolved over its 20 year history to be in constant visual communication with the user via a multi-colour LED status light, in a single model (J3C-S Type) that is both a 240V actuator and a 24V actuator due to its automatic 24-240V AC or DC multi-voltage sensing technology that has a patent pending. J+J user friendly smart electric actuators offer modern features that are beneficial to the user. The design of these innovative EU manufactured electronic actuators embraces modern technology and provides an impressive list of useful features which sets the standard in the actuated valve industry.

Offering high torque outputs up to 350Nm from a relatively compact housing, the J and J industrial weatherproof quarter turn electrical actuator offers a perfect actuation solution for quarter turn electric valves to typically create actuated ball valves and actuated butterfly valves for a wide variety of applications. As standard these electric actuators are protected against valve jams by an electronic torque limiter, and against condensation with a thermostatic anti-condensation heater. Local visual and electric remote position confirmation and a selectable hand wheel operated manual override facility complete the main standard feature list.

But the really smart feature is that the standard on-off operation can be changed easily and quickly by installing plug and play function conversion kits, which create failsafe electric actuators with a plug-in battery back-up kit, modulating electric actuators with a self-calibrating plug-in digital positioner kit, or failsafe modulating electric actuators by installing both kits.

This creates power open, power close functionality or more commonly referred to as an on-off actuator, and this is the basic principle of the J+J electric valve actuator.

J3C-S 24-240V

J+J | J3C-S 24-240V smart electric actuator

J3C-H 110-240V

J+J | J3C H 110-240V smart electric actuator

J3C-L 24V

J+J | J3C-L 24V smart electric valve actuator

J3-H 110-240V

J+J | J3-H 110-240V smart electric valve actuator

J3-L 24V

J+J | J3-L 24V smart electric valve actuator

J2-H 110-240V

J+J | J2-H 110-240V smart electric valve actuator

J2-L 24-48V

J+J | J2-L 24-48V smart electric valve actuator

J2-10 12Nm Series

J+J | J2 10-12nm series smart electric actuators

Original R Series basic

J+J | Original R series basic electric actuators

U series basic

J+J | U series basic electric actuator


NEW | J3CS | the multivoltage drive | One actuator - All voltages

J3C S is the new multi-voltage drive of J + J.
This third generation J + J electric drives consists of 4 models with a torque of 20, 35, 55 and 85 Nm. The big difference with the previous version is that the voltage range has increased. Now you can choose with 1 type of drive for 24-240V AC / DC, where you previously had options from 12 24-AC / DC or 85-240V AC / DC.

Carbon brush motor
Apart from the advantages that for all voltages between 24 and 240 volts both DC and AC 50-60Hz requires only one actuator, the use of a closed carbon brush motor has also significantly improved the tool life.

J+J | J3C-S 20Nm

J+J | J3C-S 20Nm

J+J | J3C-S 35Nm

J+J | J3C-S 35Nm

J+J | J3C-S 55Nm

J+J | J3C-S 55Nm

J+J | J3C-S 85Nm

J+J | J3C-S 85Nm

Some advantages of new J3CS actuators

- Angular rotation freely adjustable between 90 ° and 270 °.
- ETL (Electrical torque limit).
- AVS (Automatic voltage recognition).
- ATC (Automatic temperature control to prevent condensation).
- MO (manual emergency operation).
- VFC (2 integrated, potential-free microswitches for feedback) .Free limit switches to be set, this allows different angular displacements.
- VCO (A constantly lit 2 color LED indicates the normal functioning of the actuator).
- PES (Simple and same electrical connection for both AC and DC).
- Conversion from 24-240Volt to only 12Volt is possible by replacing the installed power supply PCB with the power supply from the 12 VAC / VDC PCB power supply kit.

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