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Hafner    Excellence in Pneumatics

The scope of delivery of Hafner includes solenoid valves, numatic, hand and mechanically operated valves. This series runs from M5 / until G3/4 "and is modular applicable. This gives the possibility to Hafner customer to develop and produce specific solutions in smaller numbers.
Hafner products are used not only in engineering but also in the automotive industry. Where Hafner is used one is talking about the reliability combined measured the quality / price ratio.

For further information see the website of the manufacturer Hafner-pneumatik

Hafner Excellence in Pneumatics

Hafner Excellence in Pneumatics: Hafner Pneumatic is the manufacturer of a complete range of high-quality valves for industrial automation purposes. These products are distributed by aim fluid control.

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The Construction

By using high quality materials and a patented sealing system, we offer distinct advantages to our customers. No compromises were made in the selection of materials.

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Lage temperatuur ventielen

Een uiterst complete range van ventielen in 3/2, 5/2 en 5/3, geschikt voor toepassing met lag temperatuur.

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