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ESG-Valves  |  Industrial valve flow control

ESG-Valves founded in 2001, they are specialized in pneumatic valves and stainless steel valves for middle & low-pressure industrial fluid control systems. The main products they produce are pneumatic angle seat valves, shuttle valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, ball valves, check valves and strainers. Nowadays those products are widely exported to US and Europe.

As a fully integrated company they offer R&D and manufacturing services, all of their products are made under ISO 9001:2008-certified processes. The main factory covers 16,000 square meters, over 200 skilled employees and holds 26 advanced CNC Machines. They have also built a strict QC team equipped with CMM from Switzerland and gauges from Japan and the US. This way, ESG-Valves can ensure precise fits and consistent quality on all of your orders.

ESG-Valves also provides OEM services for machining, die casting and investment casting. ESG-Valves has their our own foundry specialized in die and investment casting respectively so that they can provide you with the most complex products you require. With over five years of experience, buyers from throughout the world have come to trust in our products. In fact, ESG-Valves is supplier for the ITT Corporation and EMERSON Motor for many years.

For more information on our pneumatic valves and OEM services, contact us today.

ESG Valves  |  Series 100

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Pneumatic angle seat valve Series 100

Pneumatic angle seat valve (100 series) Large flow, low resistance, no watter-hammer, the Y-type shape which results into a smoother flowpattern and a flowrate which is 30% higher compared to globe valves. Super long lifetime, due to a self adjusting stem and valve seat assembly and self lubricating stem. Completely Stainless Steel, a selflubricated and 360° free adjusting actuator ensures an easy installation and good chemical resistance for the fluids and environment.

ESG Valves  |  Series 200

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Pneumatic shuttle valve Series 200

Pneumatic shuttle valve (200 series)
Compact structure, Stainless Steel body,
Any mounting position,
Operating fast, large flow, low pressure loss,
Perfect sealing, could work in vacuum 740mmHg. (Relative vacuum)

ESG Valves  |  Series 300

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Pneumatic butterfly valve Series 200

Pneumatic butterfly valve (300 series)
Low power loss, high efficiency, long maintenance-free life, accurate operating, direct mounting.
Applicable fluids: EPDM-suitable for steam and hot water, not suited for oils, greases, fuels etc.

ESG Valves  |  Series 400

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Pneumatic ball valve Series 400

Pneumatic ball valve (400 series)
2-way 3-pieces Stainless Steel 304 or 316 ball valve with double acting
pneumatic actuators, available with thread ends (BSP, BSPT and NPT),
suited for fluids with pressures up to 6.9 MPa (1000 psi) and temperatures
of -20 to 180°C. On request versions with single acting pneumatic actuators
are available.

ESG Valves  |  Series 500

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Check valve Series 500

Check valve (500 series)
Check valves with Y-pattern, swing type, wafer types, wafer swing types are
available in Stainless Steel 304 and 316, the wafer versions are also available
in a CS (carbon steel) version.

ESG Valves  |  Series 600

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Y-type strainer Series 600

Y-type strainer (600 series)
The y-type strainers are manufactured of Stainless Steel 304 or 316 with Stainless Steel 304 screens and have PTFE gaskets which ensures a good chemical resistance. Pressure range 5.5 MPa. Availabe with threaded port connection or flanged port connections.

ESG Valves  |  Series 700

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Pressure reducing valve Series 700

Pressure reducing valve (700 series)
Valve body is made of Stainless Steel 316, suitable for fluid and air.
Design of piston and diaphragm improves the inability of sustaining pressure and leakage. When the outlet pressure responds directly to the pressure control
chamber and adjusts the setting pressure, it responds quickly and adjusts the
pressure accurately.

ESG Valves  |  Series 800

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Thermodynamic Steam Trap Series 800

Thermodynamic Steam Trap (800 series)
Small and compact structure, more efficient,
Economic performance, energy saving by 40%,
High durability, easy to maintain.
Application: drip legs, steam tracing, laundry equipment.

ESG Valves  |  Series 900

Vrijstroomafsluiter Serie 100

ESG Valves  |  Pneumatic Balancing Valve Series 900

Pneumatic Balancing Valve (900 series)
Automatically adjusting and working,
No other people or device needed,
High sensitivity, the pressure change to +/-0,1 bar,
Balancing valve with auto switch.

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