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EE Importer aim fluid control

aim fluid control b.v. can deliver from stock EE malleable fittings. An ISO standardized top quality product manufactured in Europe. EE malleable fittings are available in both hot dip galvanized and in black passivated execution. EE Malleable fittings are suitable eg for compressed air systems, loop systems, hydraulic systems, sprinkler systems, fuel systems, water and gas and steam pipes, heating systems, etc.

Manufracturer EE-Malleabele Fittings

The manufacturer of this product, based in Poland, has been active in the production of malleable cast iron already more than 125 years. The factory, methodically improved over the years, is equipped with the most modern production equipment. Modern technological and ecological processes and well-trained engineers ensure a high quality product to currentlu in force international standards.

Some characteristics of EE Malleable Threaded Fittings

  • Material: whiteheart malleable cast iron W 40-05 according to PN-EN 1562 and 2000
  • Manufactured in accordance with the PN-EN 10242:1999 and ISO49:1994 standards
  • Threads: according to PN - ISO 7/1 and PN-ISO 228/1.
  • Dimensions: from 1/4" to 4"
  • Surface finishing: black or hot dip galvanized, protected against corrosion.
  • Working pressure: - 2,5 MPa in temp. up to 120°C until 2,0 MPa in temp. up to 300°CProductie: volgens PN-EN 10242 en ISO 49.

EE Malleable Threaded Fittings

If the quality is required, we recommend EE malleable fittings. EE fittings comply fully with the requirements of EN 10242. The high quality of the castings and accurate finishing of the products that make EE malleable fittings are a quality product, that fully complies with ISO standards and European EN standards for the malleable fittings. In Europe fittings produced from white malleable iron making quality product that perfectly with the image of aim fluid control needs. The wide range of connection systems we have in stock for you are in black and galvanized.

Each guaranteed leakproof system begins with the right material, we would appreciate you to be of service to.

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