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Our Market & Industry Expertise


As an independent specialist in measuring and controlling various types of fluid and gas flows, aim fluid control focuses on the professional market as focus groups; OEM, trading companies and end users. For management, engineers, buyers and operators, we offer a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and a comprehensive range to improve the performance, efficiency and effectiveness of your flow & fluid process.

Our market

The market in which we operate is as diverse as the product offering. The applications are numerous, ranging from dairy cows, petrochemicals to drilling rigs. Our expertise concerns the following mediums:
                             - Neutral Medium (Air, Water, Gas)
                             - Steam Medium
                             - Hot Water Medium
                             - Aggressive Medium (Logs and Acids)
                             - Pneumatic Medium

Industry expertise

Each industry has its own challenges and solutions that we like to get in to.
In the past 21 years we have gained our biggest experience and expertise in the following industries:
                             - Agricultural       - Automotive
                             - Petrochemical  - Machine construction
                             - Foods                 - Medical & Pharmacy

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