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About aim

Aim fluid control is an independent specialist focused on measuring and controlling various types of liquid and gas streams. We assist you with your flow and fluid technology.

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Our Market & Industries

The market in which we move is as diverse as the product offering. Our two main product groups are: 1. Valves with associated pneumatic and/or electrical drives. 2. Solenoid valves in various dimensions for different media.

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Team aim & Our values

Our team of experienced employees is able to come to the heart of the business quickly, is solution-oriented and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. If technology is our second nature, service may be our first.

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Delivery time & Stock

A large stock of all listed product groups ensures very fast deliveries. It is also possible to stock up supplies by appointment.


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Project engineering

Engineering and assembly for your projects are also possible. This happens in our own workshop by well trained and experienced staff.


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Technical support

We think it's not just about solving your problem, but also to prevent the problems in advance.

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The Future

Do it yourself if you can, advice if necessary. We attach great importance to our identity. A no-nonsense approach with short lines and quick response to questions from the market.

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Field of work

Think Global, Act Local. Global purchasing, sales focus on the Benelux.
Today, global availability of the products is very important.


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