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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are available with a conventional wafer or lug connection in stainless steel, steel, cast iron and various plastics with rubber, metal or PTFE seal and choice of material types for the blade.

The most obvious implementation is, of course manual. Electrically operated, pneumatically operated and electro-pneumatic are also among the possibilities.

In case of electrical operation a simple electric actuatorcan be selected by aim fluid control witch turns the butterfly valve 0 ° -90 °. By default, this feature has an torque limiter, manual control and end position signaling. Optionally, the electric actuator can be supplied with 0 ° -180 °, 0 ° -90 ° -180 ° positioning, potentiometer, backup battery pack and 0-10V or 4-20MA positioning system, with or without feedback. The mechanical connection of the electrical actuator is provided with an ISO standardized 4 - or 8-side and can therefore be mounted without any problems on the valve, ball valve or butterfly valve.

With pneumatic operation aim fluid control uses a pneumatic actuator operated by compressed air witch atuates an valve, ball valve, butterfly valve . Double acting or single acting (normally closed or normally open) run is possible. In the latter case, the pneumatic actuator is provided with a spring assembly allowing the pneumatic actuator, is always returned to the loss of pressure, to the same position. As with the electric actuator pneumatic actuator features ISO standardized 4 - or 8 - mechanical side connection for mounting on a ball valve.

Below you can choose from various types of materials.

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